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TechXPortfolio: Why start a blog?

I have been thinking a lot about a lot lately, especially during the multiple crises humanity is facing right now. I have felt powerless and voiceless and not smart enough and not strong enough, and I have been daydreaming about a place in which I can document my thoughts and share my more profound ones with the world. Because of that, I decided to sit down and write my first post on this platform today.

My family claims that I “don’t like change” when I voice my opinions about their latest financial commitment to improve some part of the house that doesn’t need improvement. However, I spend almost all of my time thinking about how a lot of things in the world need to change for the better and fast, and the existing power systems almost force that prosperous change not to happen. I’m not a policy student, but I constantly brainstorm how we can use collective action to push world governments to work better for all people. I’m not a business student, but I daydream about developing green energy startups to accelerate the world towards climate change. I am an engineering student, however, so I do have the work ethic and heavy technical skillset to hopefully make some of my ambitions come true. What I realize I have been lacking is a voice, and the strength to make these efforts into reality. That logic leads me to this first post, where hopefully I can express some of my ambitions/ideas/opinions and develop that voice I have so long been searching for.

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