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Hi, I'm Jesse

I’m a recent mechanical engineering graduate from Carnegie Mellon University with a minor in media design. I am a creative and hands-on engineer who is passionate about sustainability in vehicle design and robotics. I like to think about how the systems we use in our daily lives can be improved to be healthier for ourselves and the planet. 


From building Formula race cars to wall climbing robots to moon rovers, I have extensive experience bringing teamwork and creative thinking to any project. 

Working on making the world a happier place every day. 

Download my resume below. 

My Story

I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University studying Mechanical Engineering with a Minor in Media Design in May 2023. At CMU, I was the system lead for the the Accumulator Container and designed the Two Force Members on the Formula SAE Racing team. I started my own aerial cinematography company, received two independent research grants at CMU, completed research in two robotics labs, and interned at X, the moonshot factory after my freshman year of college. Most recently, I completed an 8 month co-op at Tesla Motors as a Vehicle Design Integration Engineer. I have also participated in multiple hackathons and completed lots of interdisciplinary technical and creative projects in my free time.  More details about all of these experiences are on my portfolio page. 


I am always looking to expand my climate + sustainability engineering portfolio. Let’s get in touch.

+1 917-797-0057

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