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Laser Cut Acrylic Coasters

If there are two things I love, it's coffee and artistic expression. I thought I would find a way to bring those things together while also making a functional and easily usable acrylic product.

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IMG_4675 2.HEIC

Custom Mould Design & Casting

Alternative title: I still love Marvel! For this project, I created a custom mold for the clay handle I designed, and went through the iterative design process to produce the finished product. I made mistakes and learned a lot about casting along the way.


Shaping a Knife

As an intermediate level blacksmith, I wanted to challenge myself to shape an intricate knife. Due to the complexity of knife design, including the bevel angel calculations and, honestly, ensuring symmetry while shaping by hand, the blade is currently a work in progress as of 10/25/21. Below are blade sketches as well as various process photos.


Clay Knife Handle Design

This project is all about exploring one of the most important physical interaction points of any product, the handle. Comfort, safety, leverage, grip, style... the handle and touch points of a tool, gadget or any physical product can often make or break its success. In this case, I thought this sci-fi prop could use a design that is actually worthy of a Marvel superhero. 

IMG_5527 2.HEIC

The Ultimate Shadow Box

If you haven't seen my textile work, I highly suggest you check it out. But, I also love designing for creative practice, and this project was the perfect opportunity to combine my love for textile craft and creative engineering. I designed the ultimate shadow box, a perfect way for any textile artist to showcase their work and safely store it for years to come. 

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