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Blurb about Special Topics in DIY Design & Fabrication: The traditional principles of mass production are being challenged by concepts of highly customized and personalized goods. This class offers students hands-on experience in DIY product design and prototype fabrication processes. Over the course of the semester, I will design customized and personalized products and build them using various DIY fabrication methods, including, 3D printing, laser cutting, molding, model making, etc. 

Ideation and Exploration

If there are two things I love, it's coffee and creative design. I thought I would find a way to bring those things together while also making a functional and easily usable acrylic product. After exploration, detailed sketching, and finally prototyping and iteration, I came to a final product shown below. 


Keeping my Tea Warm

I have a bad habit of forgetting about my hot tea until it is too cold. While this acrylic can't actually keep my tea warm, I wanted to convey something about myself through this project. Below are some of my process images - this project took 3 or 4 iterations before it was finished. My goal - zero visible joints. I used my engineering tactics and creativity to solve this problem, as shown through the multilayering and the black "wisps of smoke" on the top layer. 



Because of the stiffness of the many layers of acrylic, this multi-layer coaster can hold up a full 24oz. water bottle while being able to keep expensive china off the table(and away from spills!).

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