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The Ultimate Shadow Box, Designed for Textile Artists

One of the most challenging aspects of weaving and embroidery is the final presentation and storage for the finished products. As a passionate textile artist, I decided to design a shadow box that would allow proper presentation of in-progress and complete weavings by creating a safe, robust storage space (away from any dogs who might chew them up) that also adds to and accentuates the presentations of the final product.

An Acrylic Shadow Box Designed for The Creative Community

If you haven't seen my textile work, I highly suggest you check it out. But, I also love designing for creative practice, and this project was the perfect opportunity to combine my love for textile craft and creative engineering. I designed the ultimate shadow box, a perfect way for any textile artist to showcase their work and safely store it for years to come. 


Product Features

  • Snap-fit acrylic shadow box frame

  • Interior slots to retain any in-progress or final textile project

  • Ample space to store yarn, needles, etc. for in-process works 

  • Laser cut scenery can be inserted into slots for a layered shadow box effect


The Design Process

I inlaid layers of cut acrylic to get the desired effect, which was an elegant floral look. 


Bringing the "Wow" Factor

As an artist who incorporates lots of bright colors into my weavings, I wanted this shadow box to continue bringing the energy. I made sure to add lots of bright colors and top the whole thing off with some fun shapes!

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